The 10 things every bride must avoid on her wedding day

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The 10 things every bride must avoid on her wedding day

It’s your wedding day and getting to this point was never a piece of cake; planning a wedding is never an easy task. Lots of work was done, so many boxes checked, and a great deal of time and energy expended. 

It’s your big day, and against all odds, it should be a stress-free day as you’re meant to sit and watch all the hard work and planning pay off. If you really want to achieve this, there are certain things you should probably steer clear of; things that could jeopardise all your efforts. 

As the bride, you are no doubt the centre of attraction and sure, you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong on your day, nothing from inside and absolutely nothing from the outside. You want a flawless wedding. But there are certain things every bride should avoid on her wedding day; they’re more like bad wedding day habits. 

Here are 10 things every bride should avoid on the day of her wedding. 

    1. Last-minute preparations
      Be mindful of what projects you decide to start or finish on the morning of your wedding day. Last-minute preparations are often the end result of procrastination. Whatever they are, they shouldn’t be more than a few leftovers from the previous day. The things you felt won’t take much of your take time could either have you stressed out or leave you running late for your wedding ceremony. The ideal thing is to finalise everything the night before your wedding day and wake up to a stress-free wedding morning with every single thing in its rightful place.   
    2. Wearing your wedding shoes for the first time
      It’s your wedding day; it’s not really a day you should be trying new things. To avoid a disaster, it’s always advisable to stick with what works best for you. While it looks weird to be seen rocking your old shoes on your wedding day—I wouldn’t do that either, be sure you are very comfortable with the new one. Break them in by putting them on and walking around your room for at least an hour or two every day for one week.
      There’s also no evil in bringing a pair of sandals or flats just in case.
    3. Extreme work out sessions
      If morning workouts are part of your routine, you might need to take a day off on your wedding day. But if you must, don’t go too hard on yourself. Keep it moderate because you wouldn’t want to strain your muscles or worse still, get something broken.
      You have a long day and night ahead; you need to be as strong and as energetic as possible.
    4. Writing your vows
      Write your vows before your wedding day.
      You wouldn’t want to write your wedding vows in a hasty manner as you could be at risk of it sounding too wordy, like an experiment or appearing as though it has been rushed
    5. Honeymoon preparations
      The fact that it’s your wedding day and you have to get up to start preparing doesn’t include packing for your honeymoon as you should have done that few days back.
      Perhaps you are yet to do so, and you intend to leave immediately after your wedding party, don’t attempt doing it yourself. Have a trusted friend or relative do the packing for you as there’s every tendency you’d leave some essential items behind. To be on the safe side, draft out a list of essentials and don’t forget your passport.
    6. Skipping your meals
      No matter how energetic and excited you might feel, skipping your meal is a no-no. It’s bound to be a long day and night, and you need to be as strong as possible. Not having your breakfast and lunch is not the nicest of things to do on your wedding day. Try to have breakfast in the morning and if possible, some food before the start of your wedding reception. Remember, don’t overfeed or eat foods that don’t tend to agree with you
    7. Being worried about the weather
      You are probably thinking of the weather reports. Well, they’re not that accurate, but even, if they are, stressing yourself, is not the bad weather contingency plan you need. Allow your wedding planner or the venue coordinator to deal with setting up alternatives in case the weather is not a favourable one.
      Regarding your hair, let your hairstylist recommend the most effective frizz-fighting hair products that would protect your hair from the moistest of days. So you see, not even bad weather can stop your shine.
    8. Getting a massage, facial and other intense beauty therapy
      Getting a quality body massage to help you unwind on your wedding day sounds great but it might not end well. The side effects like headaches, fatigue, Nausea, could come right in the middle of your wedding ceremony or reception! You wouldn’t want to picture that.
      You also don’t know if your body will react negatively to a facial or eyebrow waxing, so avoid this close to your wedding if you can.
    9. Being glued to your phone
      Come on girl. A day off your phone is not the end of the world. As much as possible, shun social media, texts, email, etc, for today. It’s one of the biggest days in your life, and you need to give your undivided attention to get the very best out of it.
    10. Don’t be a control freak
      You have the best bridal party; a seasoned wedding planner; and a great team of professional vendors who will stop at nothing to ensure your wedding isn’t just smooth, but also memorable.
      So relax! If you were in touch with all of them during the wedding planning process, everyone should have seen the schedule of events for your wedding, and they all know their roles.
      All you should be thinking of is getting married to the love of your life and having fun.
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